Advantages You Get Opting For Villa Sol Golf Course

The year 1969 was a watershed year / a turning point for the Algarve region in Portugal. The first golf course in Vilamoura was opened to the public that year. Since then many championship courses have been created in Vilamoura. Only a handful of the courses have managed to attract and engage golf lovers visiting the region. The Villa Sol Golf Course is the perfect golf destination for anyone wanting to enjoy golf in a peaceful and pristine setting. In this article, we’re going to explore the reasons golf tourists need to visit the Villa Sol Golf Course.

Beautiful scenery awaits the golfers

Part of the reason people take up golf is to relax and enjoy the surrounding beautiful landscape. We guarantee the pinewood terrain, lakes, and valley will charm and even distract you from the game. Some golfers who have visited the Villa Sol course, again and again, count the surrounding landscape and scenery as one of the challenges of this course. They are of the opinion that it’s very difficult for any golfer to concentrate on the game with such beautiful surroundings.

The Villa Sol was designed by Donald Steel and opened to the public in 1991. The architect used the British design techniques to create this typical inland course. Since 1991, periodically, minor alterations and renovations were made to update the course to changing trends and tastes of the golfers. A change in management in 2011 was a key moment for the Villa Sol Golf Course. The new management – the Pestana Group have injected new life into the course.

Players get to play three different circuits

Very few golf courses deliver on the promise of a challenging course. You won’t have any complaint about the Villa Sol in this regard. The course has been divided and grouped into three circuits based on their level of difficulty. The three circuits are the nine Prime holes, nine Challenge holes, and nine Prestige holes.

The Prime section of the course is a good mix of three pars (3, 4, and 5). The section opens with three par-4s that are all more than 380 meters in length.

The second circuit – the Challenge section comprises of shorter holes. All three pars are below average length in this part of the course. The par-3s are around 160 meters, the par-4s are close to the 310 meters, and the par-5s don’t exceed 460 meters.

Players will experience a good mix of short and long holes in the Prestige section. The par-3s here are around 145 meters, the par-4s don’t exceed 297-meters, and the par-5s here are the longest in the course. They measure up to 519 meters.

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