How To Fix Mental Game Problems – Golf Instruction

Golf's final frontier

While improving golf equipment, golf swings and professional players' bodies is now down to a science, the mental side of the remains unexplored. Players who were getting crushed by Tiger Woods week-in week-out realized that his main advantage over them was mental.

Mental game problems in golf are numerous. Below are some of the main ailments and how to overcome them:

  1. Getting ahead of yourself
  2. Most players do not stay in the present and don't take one shot at a time. If they make a birdie, their mind races ahead to the great score they will sign for on the 18th green. If they have a bad hole they'll dwell on it for the next few holes. One tactic you can try is to forget about golf between shots and look around you, admire the nature, look at the trees and smell the roses.

  3. Getting angry
  4. Losing your temper on the golf course and throwing clubs in the lake is a common sight. It's great that you are passionate and that you care so much, but realize that not many golfers play better when they are angry. Try taking a deep breath and count to twenty when you feel like snapping a club over your knee.

  5. The yips
  6. Golfers who get uncontrollably nervous over short putts are said to have the "yips". The way to conquer the yips is to hit lots and lots of putts on the practice green until you are confident over the short putts. Work on your technique and keep your head still until you hear the ball rattle into the hole.

  7. Fearing one side of the course
  8. Many players fight a slice or the hook and are one bad swing from an out-of-bounds shot. The cure is to take lessons and improve your swing until you have a shot that you can trust when the pressure is on. Failing that, start your hook or slice far away from the trouble and curve it back into the fairway.

  9. First tee nerves
  10. Feeling nervous means you are excited. Make sure you warm up properly and hit the club that you will hit on the first tee. Imagine you are on the first tee; go through your pre shot routine and use the club that you will hit on the first tee. On the course you will have a feeling of "de ja vu".

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