Good Drills to Achieve a Flawless 50-Yard Bunker Shot

Being a good player of greenside bunkers does not guarantee that you can play the 50-yard bunker shots well. You just cannot use the similar technique to get to the greens if the bunker is as much as 50 yards from putting surface. Long bunkers need such shots, which can fly the golf ball out of sand and also add great degree of distance to the ball so that it flies out. The balance between distance and height becomes a little difficult to accomplish when the ball has landed on a spongy surface. You can make the following three adjustments to your game to get out of such bunkers:

Dig in

Initially, you just need to stabilize yourself in the best possible manner. Sand under the feet may obstruct your shot. Therefore, you do not have to get scared of digging your feet deep so that you can make a sturdy strike. This does not mean that you compromise your height by digging in too deep. You just have to dig deep enough to make sure your feet do not move while you take the backswing. This will give you the base required to concentrate on the bunker swing performance.

Stand in the direction of front side of the ball

You can ensure distance given that you stand in front of your ball and not in the middle of it. It implies that the ball must be nearer to the back foot. You will receive more push while you make the swing and this will thrust the ball forward. If you stand this way, you can also have more control over the ball. You can set your aim better on the target and gauge your power more easily.

Dig up your clubface all through the sand

Hitting the ball from a normal bunker lets the clubface halt at the sand of the bunker and the ball is pushed upwards rather than forward. But, to take the ball out of a 50-yard bunker, you need to take follow through using your wedge. Ensure that your clubface get through the sand such that it gives the ball all the force needed to move. You need to observe the depth your club should take depending upon the depth of ball in the sand. If the ball is hidden too deep, you will need to hit more sand than the ball so that the ball is pushed forward. In any case, you must follow through.

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