8 Advanced Tips To Help You Sharpen Your Golf Skills

Any golf pro will tell you that practicing and ingraining the core fundamentals of golf is the key to a consistently solid golf game. Therefore, you must practice these 8 advanced golf tips regularly and see how your golf progress accelerates dramatically, while sharpening your golf skills.

  1. Attitude
  2. The first and the foremost thing that you must have, while playing a game of golf, is the right attitude. It does not matter how much you practice, how perfect the conditions or putting stroke are, how balanced the golf ball is, or how ideal the putter or weather is; because nothing is guaranteed in golf. One day, your shot will put the golf ball in the cup and the other day it might just miss the cup, albeit under the same circumstances and conditions. Thus, the best way to combat such days is to laugh and have a great attitude.

  3. Tap into your own world or zone
  4. Tapping into your own world or zone means to concentrate and focus on the ball, your shot, and your target. You should just aim to get the ball in the hole, no matter what. Leave behind all the outside circumstances and just concentrate on your game. Stay focused and be relaxed.

  5. Make putts
  6. By making putts regularly, you will be able to save time, build confidence, and reduce tension. Moreover, practicing making putts does not take a long time. It just takes 15 minutes a day. That’s all! You just have to go to the practice putting course and start out with 2 foot putts, 3 foot putts, and develop your confidence.

  7. Visualization
  8. The key to golf is to develop your visualization skills. Golfers should rely on feel, which is directly connected to what you visualize. Your thoughts give birth to your feelings. Therefore, what you think in your mind is what you actually feel. We all can visualize. Thus, you should utilize your ability of visualization towards playing golf. The best thing about visualization is that is easy and it really works.

  9. Ball position
  10. You must hit downward on the ball, in order to strike crisp iron shots. And, position the golf ball correctly in line with your stance, in order to achieve the downward blow.

  11. Backswing
  12. To initiate the right backswing, you need to rotate your arms, body as well as your club together, along with shifting your weight to your inside back leg. And, as your wrists approach your waist level, hinge them.

  13. Downswing
  14. To execute the right downswing, you must shift your weight to your forward leg. Your shoulders, arms, and hips will naturally pursue this weight change and unwind to the address position. See that your head is at the back of the ball during impact. Now, continue rotating your body after address, in order to extend your club and arms towards the target after impact. Then, release your position.

  15. Practice
  16. The last golf tip is to practice, practice, and practice. If you want to learn as well as improve your golf skills, then you need to practice. There is no shortcut. A good golfer practices often, spends quality time on the golf range, and plays several golf rounds.

These 8 advanced golf tips will help you sharpen your golf skills as well as increase your confidence on the range.

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