How Do You Find The Perfect Golf Resort According To Your Budget?

Golf is not just a fun and challenging sport, it’s an expensive one too. Reserving time at the best courses, the cost of travel, accommodation, and sightseeing can all add up quickly to significantly reduce your bank balance. But, with some clever planning on the accommodation front you can keep overall spending within your intended budget.

If your heart is set on a family golf vacation, and you’re eager to spend some quality time with your kids, then you would want to stay at the best resort with maximum comfort. It’s very much possible to do so within your budget. We’re not selling a dream, but by following two simple rules you can get the best value for your money.

Google early to land the best deal

There are many ways to find the ideal resort for your stay, a simple and most used technique is to search the internet. The catch here is you aren’t the only one after premium resorts; there are thousands and even millions queuing up to book top-notch resorts for their golf stay. To beat the rush you’ve to plan, search, and find premium resorts early. Allotting an hour a day, just a week ahead of the vacation won’t help at all. By then all well known resorts would be fully booked, and you would have to settle for the second best.

Scout for the best resorts at least 3-4 months before your vacation, and prepare a list of top resorts at your golf destination. Gather as much information as possible about each resort, check for the number of rooms, amenities, concessions, customer testimonials, and reviews of the resort in travel magazines and portals. Searching, reviewing, and contacting resorts well in advance will help you land the best accommodation deal package within your budget.

Take advantage of online travel agencies

The golf tourism industry has grown leaps and bounds over the years and along with it have spawned numerous online travel agencies. These portals list and rate top golf destinations and resorts after reviewing them based on attractions, amenities, and visitor experience. Almost all agencies also provide special discounts and concessions to golf holiday makers.

Peruse the resort list thoroughly, read reviews, give preference to resorts with their own golf courses, and finally look for discounts. If none is offered, contact the travel agent asking for concessions. There’s nothing wrong in demanding concession and discounts. You’re just being practical here. By spending some time on travel websites, you’re sure to find the perfect golf resorts for your budget sooner or later.

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