How To Aim With An Iron Club - Free Golf Tutorial

Aiming the right way with an iron club can help eliminate or reduce play errors. There are elements amateurs may overlook when it comes to developing proper aim with their iron. Sometimes it is a matter of how your body is in position when considering your target. For others it could be posture or how they set up for the shot when behind the ball. This element can take some practice and getting used to, but when you get used to it with the right level of comfort your body will know how to set up for play with your iron of choice. Here are a few points on how to aim with your iron club.

  • Have feet together and place clubhead behind the ball. Do this aspect first when approaching the shot. When you have feet together it encourages better focus when you get ready to swing. Some say this can also encourage better control of the iron and allow for good contact to be made when your stroke is completed.
  • Have club aiming to your target. Create an imaginary line to help you keep the club in line with the target. Few players may not realize why their shots tend to be off just a bit. If you can imagine a line from your ball to the target work to keep the ball on the line when you hit it. This means your club should start off in the direction of the target even before you start your swing but maintain its position as you follow through.
  • The target line is parallel with your body. Parts of the body including shoulders, knees and hips are in line as well. This element can be a little tricky but sometimes when a shot doesn’t have a good result, something shifted or went out of place during the swing motion. Remember to keep your body parallel to the target line to keep your club aligned as it comes in to hit the ball.
  • Test the alignment of the ball by using your arms. Your arm should not be aimed at the target but your body should be parallel to it. Extend your arm toward the target; it shouldn’t line up exactly because your body should be parallel to the target. When stretching your arm away from your body it may feel straight but your body should be turned just a bit.

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