Hitting Down On The Golf Ball Drills Suggested By A Professional

The key to hitting down on the ball with great results is to complete the shot with a descending blow. This aspect is especially true if a long iron is being used. The best way to get results is to practice. Yet, it can be tricky since you are working to hit the ball with the right precision. Practicing with golf drills helps understand each element involved in hitting down. Here are a few points on hitting down and tips on how to maintain results.

3 Drills to Help Practice Hitting Down

Hitting down on the ball can be challenging, but when understanding dynamics of the shot and why it is necessary, the action becomes easier to execute. Here are 3 drills to help you practice:

  • vPractice hitting the ball off a downhill moderate slope. Weight shift occurs during the downswing but the slope aspect has it occurring in reverse. Hit as many balls as you can off the lie working to lead with your hands.

  • Hit the ball with an aim stick in place without hitting the aim stick. The stick should be placed about 2 inches from the ball (behind). Hit the ball but not the stick. When hitting the ball the club should rest on the stick before starting your downward motion.

  • Practice taking sand in a bunker. Practice this drill in a fairway bunker. In the sand draw a line. Take shots and get sand with the ball with swings made going toward the target. Work to hit the ball first then the sand. Some have practiced this drill while barefoot to understand balance.

Additional Tips for Hitting Down on Golf Ball

There are a few other aspects to keep in mind when hitting down on the ball. When swinging toward the ball you should make solid contact. The position of the ball could be in the middle of your stance or to the left depending on the situation and what is best in getting the ball into the air. When holding the club and swinging toward the ball, hand position is important. Hands should come ahead of the ball at contact. Look for a divot created after hitting the ball. If a deep divot is made this means you are coming down too much when hitting. Don’t forget to follow through but keep it limited.

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