Tried And Tested Drills To Compress The Golf Ball

As you climb the steps of progress you’ll hear about ‘compressing the golf ball’. This is a skill that’s common among every top-level golfer. What does ‘to compress the ball’ mean? How to do it? Let’s find out.

What does it mean?

When you compress the ball, you transfer the energy created in the club head during the swing into the golf ball. If done correctly, the ball will travel a long distance and have the backspin and feel that you desire. What actually happens when the ball is compressed? When you play golf shot with your iron, the club face hits through the ball; at that point, the ball traps between the ground and the club face. The ball that flies out after getting compressed by the iron will have enough backspin and distance to take it high and long.

How to get it right?

For right-handed golfers, there are a few crucial elements that play an important role in compressing the ball. The first being a solid downward blow with the right arm. You’ve to get the right arm movement during the downswing precise. Keeping the right arm too far from the body or unfolding it too quickly will not lead to the desired downward blow. The second is the position of the hands at the point of impact. Remember, at the time of impact the hands must be in front of the club head and slightly leaning towards the target.

The best drill to compress the ball

The drill given below will show you the proper right arm movement leading up to the point of impact.

  • Select an iron club, preferably a short or mid iron. Grip it with one hand – the right arm only.

  • Position the ball at the center of your stance.

  • Address the ball with only your right hand, play the shot. Now, when playing the backswing don’t take the iron club all the way back, stop it midway.

  • After taking only halfway through the backswing, play the downswing and hit the iron through the ball. At the point of impact, the right hand must be forward of the ball and also even, with your left leg.

  • You won’t get the hang of the drill instantly. Practice it regularly to gain good control over the right-arm. Practice 50 right-arm drills per session; follow it up with two-hand practice swings. Observe the sound the impact creates; a louder impact sound means you’re getting better at compressing the ball.

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