Free Golf Tips On How To Strike The Ball With Solid Contact

Consistency is a challenge to every handicap golfer. Everyone has a round when most things go right and the resulting score beats their existing handicap. The challenge is to do that regularly and that is where the problem generally arises. Average golfers simply struggle to go out next time and repeat their success. Certainly there are those who gradually get their handicaps down. It may well be because they have heeded advice about how to make solid contact with the ball more consistently.

Professionals work long and hard to develop their games to match the highest standards and never take for granted that they have achieved the perfect swing. Good amateurs are under pressure to maintain their handicaps while most other golfers aspire to improve and there are some drills and tips to help:

Hands forward

You should practice striking the ball while ensuring the hands are ahead of the club head. The result will be the divot that you regularly see when a good player hits an iron. That divot is not the ground that was behind the ball but that which was ahead and is made after the club face has hit the ball.

Correct posture

The whole subject of posture is something every golfer should analysis and practice. It is importance to create angles and not to crouch over the ball. The ideal posture requires a golfer to have his or head directly above the ball and a straight back, The bottom and buttocks will actually stick out slightly and knees are slightly bent, That position should be sought over ever normal shot. It allows a golfer to hit through the correct plane each time. Those who achieve the correct posture are less likely to miss hit the ball, slice or hook.


Good contact requires the club face to be square when it makes impact with the golf ball. The commonest fault is for the club face to be slightly open and that will lead to a slice as well as loss of length. Overcompensating to close the face will result in a hook. Once again it is a matter of practice.

Practice Drills

There are some practice drills to consider. Here are two examples:

  • If you place a second ball a little distance behind the one you intend to hit you will hit it unless you use the correct descending blow into the ball.
  • You can practice your posture using a mirror and a half back swing. You should be able to bring your club down to the imaginary position where your ball would have been and then return back to the position in the half swing that looks identical to what it was before. Repeat that several times until it feels completely natural.

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