Comparing The Green Fee Rates In The Western Algarve

Are you visiting the Western Algarve to indulge in a game of golf? If yes, then the first thing that you would be struggling with must be the green fee rates in that area. You would want to play on a golf course that provides affordable green fee rates, which are within your budget. Moreover, this does not mean that you will settle for a green that has not much facilities.

It’s about golf, so everything should be perfect, including the facilities you get and that too at affordable prices. As there are many golf package providers that you can search for on the internet, you must check which dealer is providing the best deal, with a complete package that you can afford. For this, you must spend some time on researching the golf package providers online.

You will find that there are many golf packages including, special green fee rates and custom-made golf packages as per your demands for world class courses. Moreover, you will find that some providers offer discounts for playing in a group. So, let us learn about group discounts in details.

Group discounts

You can take advantage of group discounts if you are going to play golf in a group, no matter how big your group is and with whom you are playing, whether it is with your extended family, business associates, or friends. Large groups get more discounts as compared to small groups.

These group discounts can be availed if the group consists of more than 8 players. A group of 8 people will be considered as a group of 7 seven people, that is one player can play free of cost. Moreover, you will get buggy discounts and preferential tee times, along with transfers.

Now, let us see at some of the golf green fee rates in the Western Algarve.

  1. Penina Academy
  2. Designed by Sir Henry Cotton, the Penina Academy in Western Algarve has 9 holes, with Par 30. Its green fee rates start from 33€.

  3. St.Antonio ex Parque Floresta
  4. This golf course is designed by Pepe Gonzalez. It has 18 holes with Par 71. Its green fee rates start from 40€.

  5. Morgado Golf Course
  6. Designed by Russell Talley with European golf architecture, the Morgado Golf Course has 18 holes with Par 73. Its green fee rates start from 40€.

  7. Alamos
  8. Alamos is also designed by Russell Talley in a European golf architecture. This fairway consists of 18 homes with Par 71. Its green fee rates start from 40€.

  9. Penina Championship
  10. Designed by Henry Cotton, this famous golf course in the Western Algarve is one of the most popular courses in Portugal. It proudly hosts the Portuguese Open, along with other fairways in Algarve. It has 18 holes with Par 73. Its green fee rates start from 72€.

These are the green fee rates of only a few golf courses in the Western Algarve. To know more, you must do an extensive research on the green fee rates of courses in the Western Algarve.

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