Golf For Seniors: 5 Tricks That Will Improve Your Game

Senior golfers or golfers who have crossed the age of 50 face the limitation of golf distance and power. Distance affects the game a lot. Shorter drives result in extended approach shots, and it further results in lesser greens hit. Obviously, the senior players would not like to score higher. Golfers at this age lose some power naturally. If you are also facing the same problem, you need to work on the mechanics in order to make up for the loss of anything that has been lost due to ageing. These tips will help you generate more power for your game and you will be able to feel proud again:

Prevent swaying

If your body has become too stiff, you need to work on the flexibility of your hips. Another thing to keep in mind is that you must not turn the right foot outwards. If you keep swaying in your backswing, you would lose a remarkable distance along with consistency as well as accuracy. You can also test yourself for swaying: take a full backswing and cease at the position on the top of backswing. If you feel your weight on the inner side of the right foot, or the weight has revolved to the outer side of the foot; it means that your body sways. You can rather try to turn the right foot to the outer side.

Work on the golf grip

You need to work on strengthening your grip to increase the flight of the ball. Sometimes, it gets difficult to get used to this habit. You just need to rotate your hands slightly rightwards on the golf club. It will enable you to rotate the face of the club through the ball to support a draw spin.

Move the golf ball back in the stance

When you position the golf ball a little back from the normal position of setup, your chances of smashing a draw increase. It is better to setup to pull out the ball when the weather is warm; the ground is hard and dry. Normally, when you smash a draw, golf ball comes out somewhat lower at shorter flight. But, you would get enhancement in distance as the ball rolls.

Choice of golf clubs

Using a lighter golf club will help you gather the required speed so that you can cover the yardage you want. For putt or chip, or pitch shots, you need to use the proper clubs. And most importantly, for tee shots, you can use long clubs. The longer time club head takes to contact the ball, the longer it takes for the clubhead to build momentum.


This technique is important for golfers of all age groups. Hitting the ball harder gives you no surety that you will generate the shot you desire. You must visualize a golf shot, picture the golf shot along with the destination prior to hitting the ball. Do not move your wrists a lot and avoid taking the club too far on your backswing.

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