Four Helpful Pieces Of Advice On Driving Ball Position

Much of golf is about getting the basics right and repeating them time and time again, consistently! Once you managed that consistency, you will notice your game improving tenfold and your scores dropping tremendously.

Perhaps the best way to achieve this is making sure your positioning of the ball is right, each and every time. This is particularly true when driving, because without setting up the hole correctly, you are always chasing the game, trying to manufacture shots to improve your chances of a decent score following an errant drive.

But how do you make sure your ball positioning is right every time? You also need to remember that ball positioning is different for each club used, but for the purposes of this article, we are going to look at the driver.

Where should the ball be placed when driving?

When driving, always make sure the ball is positioned near your front foot, in fact it should be just off the inside of the foot itself. This is the perfect position when you have your driver in your hand. If you try to move the ball more centrally, like you would if you were using an iron or a wedge, you are in fact to close to it and cannot impart all the necessary power on it as you hit through it.

What should you focus on when starting your drive?

Now when you drive, every attempt must be made to line up the inside of the left heel (right heel for a left-hander) with the ball.

Positioning and weight distribution

The right positioning of the ball will also help to ensure that you keep your weight distribution perfect which will help your driving no end. For example, at the top of your swing, your right leg should be carrying about 60% of your weight which will then move to your left leg as you move through your downward swing. Positioning the ball incorrectly and this weight balance will be severely compromised.

Practice makes perfect

Naturally, like anything in golf, the more you practice the better you will get. This is especially true when it comes to ball positioning. Each person is slightly different so try moving the ball a few millimeters at a time to find the exact spot where you not only strike the ball sweetly but accurately as well. Remember, you do want to try to align the inside of the front foot and the ball as close as possible as described above.

In time with practice, once you find the position that works for you, your game will improve significantly!

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