Finding The Best Family-Friendly Golf Packages In Albufeira

Finding A Holiday That Suits Everyone

When planning any golfing holiday, it is important to take into consideration the needs and wants of the other members of you golfing party. Those may be your golfing buddies who haven't been playing as long as you have so they will need an easier course so they can enjoy their game. Or it might be your family who aren't as keen on the game of golf as you are and want more to do than just sitting in the golf cart all day watching you play 18 holes.

If you are considering booking a golf package in Albufeira and you want to bring the wife and kids along, this article will help you find a package that will suit the family.

Where is Albufeira?

Albufeira is a former fishing village located on the south coast of Portugal. Tourism has grown the former village to a city that now boasts a population of 300,000 during the high seasons. Its location on the coast means that you will never be far from the beaches and you can enjoy man long walks or jogs along the golden sand with your family.

Entertainment for the grown ups

After just a 3 hour flight from the UK, you and your partner might be in the mood for a few glasses of wine and a dance. If so, you are in luck because Albufeira has a popular nightlife strip with many bars and restaurants for you to enjoy your nights. That brings us to our first consideration when choosing a golf package in Albufeira: supervised kids entertainment at the resort so that you know they will be occupied and safe while you and the wife eat, drink and be merry on the town.

Resort Options

Here are four family friendly resorts in Albufeira that you should consider:

  • Eden Resort
  • Glenridge Beach & Golf Resort
  • Hotel Balaia golf village (Plenty for the family with 6 outdoor pools, kids club, golf course and tennis courts)
  • Pine Cliffs (5 restaurants, 6 outdoor pools and a gym)

The four resorts above are the closest to Albufeira and you can't go wrong booking your golfing getaway in any of them. Staying at any of these four will ensure that you get your golfing fix, the children get to play and your wife gets to enjoy fine dining and pampering. Everybody's happy.

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