Practical Solutions for Golfers Practicing Spin Sand Shots

Professional golfers consider bunker shots as really simple task. But, this shot can be a nightmare for an amateur golfer. New golfers fear blading the sand shot all across the green and it is not a good option to leave the ball in the bunker. You just need to have the right set of instructions to hit a great bunker shot.

You need to be able to take a vigorous swing and get the ball fly out high as well as soft with great spin.

Let us look at the solutions to a bunker shot

  • When you have flown your ball to the bunker, reach it first of all to take the further steps. Reach the ball and be careful that your golf club does not touch the ground or sand. This is important since the golf leagues do not allow the golf club to touch the ball and it counts for a stroke penalty. And it is a shame to commit such mistakes when you are playing with expert golfers.
  • Take a moonwalk to reach the back of the ball. Draw an imaginary line starting from your ball to reach the pin. Practice a few swings before you actually hit the ball. Swinging the club in the air gives your body the required momentum.
  • Once you have attained that mental image, approach the ball and align your feet at an angle of 90 degrees to the imaginary line. Take a stance and hold the sand wedge placed above the golf ball. You have to play the ball from the inner side of the back foot to make it spin. Moreover, you can dig your feet a little into the sand.
  • Take notice of a position at least 1 inch behind your ball. You need to hit your club here. Hold your golf club with loose grip. Ensure that you do not twist your wrists in front of your ball. The club face should be open to the maximum extent. Imagine the swing that you are about to take. Now finally, take a vigorous swing and ensure that you hit the sand before the ball. If you take a gentle swing, the ball will not fly out of the bunker.
  • After you have made the swing, you need to take a fine follow through if you want to get your ball in the air along with a good spin.

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