Golf In Cold Weather: 5 Practical Tips For Newbies

Playing golf in cold weather presents unique challenges. For the most part you need to make adjustments depending on how cold the weather is. For some golfers the sign of cooler weather is something they don’t want to see since it means a season change is coming if it hasn’t occurred yet. The good news is there are things you can do to keep up with your skills when the weather gets cold. There are plenty of players that feel there is a benefit to playing in the cold. Don’t forget to ask fellow golfers their tips on what they do when playing in the cold. You may be surprised to learn about what they do or what other products they use. Here are 5 tips to help newbies play in cold conditions.

  1. Wear layers. This is common sense but be smart when doing this. Consider wearing clothing that is stretchable and breathable. Make it easy to remove a layer if necessary. Some players suggest wearing more than one pair of socks to keep feet warm. Just keep in mind when wearing multiple layers you don’t want to put on so many to where you feel stiff or uncomfortable when ready to take your shot.
  2. Increase length of tee and consider more club or club up. Remember the ball may not move as far in the cold, so you need to be smart about how to adjust to ensure you get favorable results. This is the time to consider changing your club or increasing the length of your tee. These elements will help establish better contact with the ball and encourage the ball to move better in cooler temperatures.
  3. Maintain warm hands. Wear mittens to keep hands warm when you are not taking shots. Use hand warmers you can keep in your pockets. Warm hands can make a difference when gripping your iron in the cold. Cold hands may create an uncomfortable grip that could result in a poor shot.
  4. Keep play goals realistic. Yes, it is cold outside, but you know what you are capable of doing and how to do it the best way possible in cooler temperatures. This helps keep stress down and better focus.
  5. Try walking the course instead of riding the cart. Walking encourages good blood flow and can be one of the best ways to keep warm.

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