4 Simple Long Game Drills For Enhancing Your Golf Skills

Learning to play the long game is not easy. There are a lot of players who have tried this in the past and they still keep struggling to get the best shot so far. One of the most important things that you will need to think about when you want to learn how to play the long distance game is to put in lots of practice.

Practice is very much important for this style of play, especially when you consider the fact that most players cannot handle the pressure of getting a good balance between power and accuracy over these shots. The following are some simple drills that will help you improve your skills effectively:

  • Train with your eyes closed
  • Focus on the target
  • Perfect the swing
  • Aim for the distance

Train with your eyes closed

One of the first things that you need to make sure you do is to try training with your eyes closed. This is important because it helps you learn how to perfect your precision. This also helps you gain a good intuition over where the target should be, and how to get there.

Focus on the target

Target practice is something that you cannot take for granted. It is always advisable when you are learning this type of game, to get a lot of work done on aiming for the target instead of having your gaze fixated on the ball. Most beginner players understandably fail in this one, but with some practice, you will learn so much in the process.

Perfect the swing

Before you eventually have to play the long game, you must learn how to swing appropriately. This is one of the shots that will depend significantly on your ability to swing properly. If you cannot swing well, you will not be able to play the long game as you would love to.

Aim for the distance

Put in some distance when you are training. Of course for the long game, you will need to practice your distance shots in equal measure with the precision shots, so that you can combine both of them effectively.

Do not just strike the ball and hope that it will run so far into the distance and get you closer to the target. It takes time, lots of practice and determination, and then you will have what you need.

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