Simple Tips On Driving Contact From An Experienced Golf Player

Making bad contact is magnified when you are hitting a tee shot. Bad contact with the driver makes a hole an uphill climb. A drive in golf is like a first serve in tennis, and making bad contact with the driver is like hitting your serve into the net. The only difference is that in golf you don't get a second serve, unless you are playing mulligans.

Here are a few simple tips to help you avoid bad contact when hitting the driver:

Pay attention to your tee height

Tee the ball up the right height and keep it consistent. Measure the tee height with your finger. That is, when you push the tee into the ground, measure it with your knuckle or a line on your hand. Making good contact in golf is all about consistency so you want the ball teed up the same height every time (unless you are trying to do something special like hit the ball lower) and you want the ball positioned in the same place, relative to your left foot, for every shot.

Don't try to hit the ball too hard

The harder you try to hit the ball, the more your contact will suffer. Try to swing at 80% of your power and no more. This will prevent you from hitting the ball too hard and making poor contact. Beginner players who top the ball (hitting the to half of the ball) or sky the ball (hitting the bottom half of the ball) usually do so because they tried to hit the cover off the ball.

Contact with the ground

Buy good golf shoes. You may think this has nothing to do with making good contact with your driver but the number one cause of poor contact is losing your footing. Many players make bad contact when they are playing golf in the rain because they slip.

Hit up on the ball

While with your irons you should hit down on the ball to squeeze the ball into the turf, the driver should be hit on the upswing. Hitting the ball on the upswing in this way will improve your contact; this will produce the ball flight that gives you maximum length. Make these adjustments to hit the ball on the up: tee the ball high, put more weight on your right leg and move the ball forward in your stance.

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